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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 04:22


He went to the parking lot in front of the Park in London for 23 30 Clock. Since this is my first time at the point ( after reading miateens the reviews I was hoping to get lucky ), I was a little nervous. I'm male. I was hoping to see a couple of action and if it was my lucky night, you might get an invitation to join ( although I admit that my luck is as good as the Pope has been playing music rap). I do not think that single women are dogging or maybe I'm completely wrong this ! Dogging (ie if they say I am a green horn, if I had lost the previous reference ) I'm only interested in a few months. , but to my disappointment ( who had agreed to 'wait ' to see what I prefer that he could get what they wanted to see to see), which was what I experienced. I have not been there by car, I actually went. (Yes, I'm stupid. Some might say desperately, but I knew very well what could happen, I miateens went through emotion (yes, I'm crazy, I hear you say )). However, When I got to the parking lot, I'med at the entrance to see the area before going in. There were 4 cars. So I went a few feet and found a way to drive in the direction of the parking lot through the bushes. I approached a large tree to take my miateens position and hidden from view of any person in the car, so do not confuse them. Of course I wanted a couple / woman next to me on the spot and perhaps invite me, but I do not want to rush. Within a minute miateens of me in my position, I saw someone move in me when I saw the figure approaching me, my heart was racing at the speed of light. Because the moon is almost full, was not completely dark. saw this 6 foot 3 ' wide dreadlocked figure asks me ' you are looking for a partner in the company? ' In a soft Caribbean accent (which is my best estimate). I responded with my Palm does not and my mouth was so dry, 'No, miateens mate, I'm not looking miateens for companionship, atleast not miateens a male escort. ' I thought, this must be the end, how my heart beat faster now that the speed of light. But to my surprise /Myocardial time he made a motion to me and asked, 'Are you sure, man? ' I know ( now) it was harmless, perhaps the Lord, the fact that almost had me pee in his pants and wanted to make sure I knew what was coming out of my mouth and asked to see this question, but this was not a moment I could understand something like a question answer. I wiped 'I think I'm safe. ' It went silent. This was the best time for me miateens to accept that I have a limp d! k and the race was to ensure the safety of my bed, but decided to stay. If I could muster, I looked around and saw that there was a way, the further away from the road and the parking lot and into the dense growth. The moonlight was bright enough to see the path was leading to a clear area if there were trees on both sides of the road. I still was not being brave, cars, even the few cars to go directly in front of me (I think the gentle man who was beaten by me from all over thers parked near me). I removed from the office and went directly opposite the entrance to another hiding behind a bush to take. I thought I heard the voice of a woman behind me and turned. I have not seen anyone. A miateens few seconds later, I thought I heard a few tracks, but could not see anyone. I do not believe in ghosts, I was sure it was before, although I do not blackout for a second time a heart attack (which is quite possible, come to think ). But after some time the most votes, and I saw a couple walking a dog. I was so excited that I rushed to them and kissed them all with one man and one woman (who may have had his dog, another idea, if he / she saw me running towards them ) to miateens see. I was so excited that I started to plan what to do when you receive an invitation from them, join them. But to my disappointment to put the dog in the car and drove away. Since I was not brave enough to carry anywhere near the cars, I decided ventu(I refer to as security could lead to hell if someone is coming again ) back into the brush as moonlight holding / security. When I went to the trees, I saw an empty piece of land covered in grass only ( which is how I like to think. No condoms, not ready to jump on me and tie me to one and some pleasures dared me). This part of the room was like an oval on the extent of trees and dense shrubs and trees high in the center line. I decided to center of hope, a few that are in action and see them happen, not gay (I'm not homophobic, I do not find attractive) and if I find anyone around my place because of the parking lot. I mentioned how happy he was, miateens so I went home. When I returned miateens to my seat, I saw the gentleman who approached me in the woods a little away from me. I think I'll stop here now, I'm very tired and sleep. If anyone is still alive and are interested in knowing more than we hAppy to tell the rest of my adventures in the evening. I can honestly say that no miateens life if you want to read more of my babbling nonsense here. But I respect his courage and show the world you're not a deserter in the face of a colossal absurdity meaningless. Eve
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8 mai 2012 2 08 /05 /mai /2012 04:21

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